The Ultimate Guide to Seasonal Jobs

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Do you want to leave the conventional grind behind? 

Do you dream of traveling, but don't know how to afford it? 

Do you yearn to be outside, meeting new people and exploring incredible destinations? 

It's Time to Try Seasonal Jobs

If the answer to any of those questions is "yes," you need to give seasonal jobs a look. 

Whether you're sick of the 9-to-5, figuring out what you want "to do" with your life, or ready to retire with pizzazz, seasonal jobs just might be the answer. 

You could work as a raft guide in the Tetons, as the office manager of a kayaking company in Alaska, as a ski tech in Colorado, or as a server in Maui. 

... In fact, we and our friends have held those exact positions. 

And we want to show you how to follow in our footsteps. 

Why You Need This Guide

Seasonal jobs aren't just any old job. 

They're short-term adventures that allow you to live, work, and play in some of the country's most beautiful places -- all while earning money and making lifelong friends.

And since they're far from conventional, it's tough to know where to start. 

- Where can you find seasonal jobs? 

- Is housing provided? 

- What qualifications do you need? 

- How do you tell your boyfriend you're moving to Wyoming? 

We've answered all those questions -- and many, many more -- in this brand new guide.

Who Doesn't Need This Guide

We think everyone could benefit from seasonal jobs -- but this guide might not be a fit for you if:

- You really just want to work abroad. We did include a tiny section about teaching English in South Korea and working in Australia / New Zealand, but that's not our focus. As I explain in the guide, I think it works better to work domestically, then use your off seasons to travel abroad (which is what I did for many years!). 

- You're not eligible to work in the U.S., as we focus on American jobs

Get It All For Just $1

And the best part? It's pay-what-you-want. 

That's right: You can get our combined decades worth of seasonal jobs knowledge for as little as $1. 

Call us crazy, but we want the world of seasonal jobs to be as accessible as possible. 

So we haven't put a price tag on our hard work. 

Pay whatever you can afford; whatever our wisdom, insight (and ok, some sweat and tears) is worth to you. 

Seasonal jobs changed our lives, and we know they could change yours. 

We would never want the price of a guide to stand in your way. 

What's Included

In case you need more convincing... 

Our 80-page baby is packed with time-tested advice, inspirational quotes, and original photos.

It also features interviews with former and current seasonal workers, so you can get tips and motivation from people who were once in the same boat as you.

It's easy to read, and broken down into four straightforward sections:

I. F.A.Q. about Seasonal Jobs

II. Where to Find Seasonal Jobs -- and How to Get Hired

III. You Got the Job. Now What?

IV. Resources (35+ helpful websites to help you save money and keep learning)

Plus, a Workbook!

Advice is nothing without action... 

So you'll also get a 10-page workbook to help you get started on your journey. 

Here's a sample of what it includes:

- Application tracker

- Interview prep worksheet

- Budgeting worksheet

- Packing list

And much more! 

Why Others Love It

Why You Should Listen to Us

Hi! My name is Susan Shain, and I spent several years working seasonal jobs -- everywhere from Colorado to Alaska to South Korea -- before starting a location-independent writing career. 

Not only have I written extensively about seasonal jobs, my travel writing has also appeared at CNN, The Independent, Lifehacker, and more.  

My co-author,, has been the leader in seasonal job listings since 1995. 

It's the go-to resource for people seeking seasonal jobs -- and for seasonal employers seeking workers. 

Together, we've been on both (er, all?) sides of the table. 

We've worked seasonal jobs, hired seasonal workers, and talked to hundreds of aspiring adventurers just like you. 

We know what it's like to be in your shoes, and we also know what we wished we'd known when we were. 

We've done our best to address all of your questions -- and provide tons of resources -- in this comprehensive guide. 

Seasonal jobs changed our lives, and they could change yours.

Grab this guide to begin your new adventure today

PS. Don't forget it's pay-what-you-want -- so seriously, what do you have to lose? 

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The Ultimate Guide to Seasonal Jobs

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